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Best of Ukraine
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Ukraine shopping malls and shopping facilities are excellent. Different supermarket chains, Ukrainian and foreign ones are growing fast in Ukraine. You will find nearly everything what you are looking for and even more in the country. Endless choices of designer clothes or handmade arts and crafts, woodwork and paintings, all kinds of groceries, electronics and building materials are available at the numerous supermarkets, hypermarkets, markets and stores. Most shopping centers in big cities are like Western Europe shops and their prices as well :) Shopping malls along with numerous clothes shops and boutiques also offer sports wear, footwear, cosmetics and perfumery, and, of course, souvenirs. You could find restaurants or cafes there as well.

Usually, supermarkets are open from 7-8am till 23pm, but some of them work 24/7. Shopping malls are usually open from 9-10 till 9-10pm, but some of shops and boutiques in them might work till 6pm.

Of course, the shopping choices are differ at the bigger and smaller Ukrainian cities and towns. There are places in Ukraine, where you'll see only old style Soviet stores and Ukrainian style markets.

Ukraine grocery stores are full of different food. You don't need to pack lots of snacks with you or try to impress your Ukrainian friends with a box of chocolates or a bottle of whisky, as it's already here, unless you've found something special. Still, we cannot find jalapeno peppers in Ukraine :) Peanut butter has became available at some supermarkets not a long time ago. But in general, if you have money, you can buy almost eveything you like.

Ukraine is famous for her lively local farmers' markets (rynok), which sell lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh milk, sour cream, cheese, eggs, flowers and clothings, shoes and lots of other interesting and different things. These are the markets where you could see local babooshkas selling their greens from their own little gardens.

In summer and fall, while driving through Ukraine, you'll be able to see Ukrainain farmers selling their products. Whatever Ukrainian gardens have to offer, it will be sold on the roads. Vegetables and fruits are fresh, delicious and very cheap! :)

CDs and DVDs are cheaper here in Ukraine than in most western countries. Often you can find music CDs in MP3 format. Most of them are so inexpensive because there are still problems with intellectual rights in Ukraine and many of them are illegally copied.
If you buy your CDs and DVDs at the local markets, don't forget to run a virus scan before you play them on your PC!

Artwork is one of the best item to purchase in Ukraine. You can get top-quality paintings, jewelry or ceramics quite cheap at numerous art galleries or direct from the artists on the street. But you have to make sure you will be able to get get them through customs when going back home.

Make sure you have enough of cash on you, when getting ready to do some shopping in Ukraine. Most stores do not accept credit cards. You wouldn't be be able to use it at the local farmers' markets as well. Mostly big supermarkets and hypermarkets accept credit cards.

Best Of Ukraine

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