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Best of Ukraine
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Getting ready for a trip and packing your stuff can be challenging. You’ll need to bring appropriate clothing and travel gear. Here you'll find some travel essentials to put on your packing list, while getting ready to travel to Ukraine.

  • First of all, take the most comfortable shoes you have and get ready to walk a lot while in Ukraine. Be sure to break them in before your trip, as you really don't need blisters :) Of course, you can pack the high heels shoes and beach sandals along with the ones you can really walk in.

  • Don't forget to pack your personal toiletries, medications and glasses. Better bring your medications in their original prescription bottles, not in a weekly pill organizer. Don’t forget your glasses. You would be able to buy contact lens solution while travelig around Ukraine, but not everywhere.

  • Money Belt is a must have. Don't put your documents and valets in your daypack. Pickpockets are deft and quick, and you wouldn't even notice, when your money and passport are gone.

  • If you plan to use your own plug-in appliances or electronic equipment while traveling to Ukraine, you will definitely need plug adapters and voltage converters. Some hair dryers, laptops, cell phones or camera chargers are dual voltage, but others need a voltage converter. You need to check the label on the appliances you plan to bring. If you see there “Input 100V - 240V 50 / 60 Hz,” it is dual voltage and you would need only a plug adapter for it. But if you can't find this information on your appliance, don't plug it directly into a foreign wall outlet. You have to use a voltage converter to “step down” the 220-volt current.

  • If you are quite brave and plan to see all Ukraine, not only her big and developed cities, a small flashlight might be useful as well.

  • Of course Ukrainian guidebooks and maps will be helpful during your trip.

  • Make sure you have some copies of your passport and tickets with you. Better keep them in a safe place somewhere in your luggage. If your passport is stolen, a copy will speed up the replacement process. Leave a second copy of your passport with a family member back home. Also it's a good idea to bring telephone numbers for your bank, credit card company for unexected situations.

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