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General review Volyn (Lutsk)

    Lutsk is a city with a rich history, having felt ancient Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian and Russian influences, while preserving its own atmosphere and independence. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, with the first written mention of Lutsk dating back to 1085, though its history might have even deeper roots.

    Lutsk historical heritage is amazing. It counts 129 historical monuments of national and local importance. The most prominent of them are: Lutsk Castle (XIV), Ivan the Theologian Church (XII) St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral (XVII), Synagogue (XVII), Lutsk Vault, etc.

    Lutsk is a city of festivals. Every season of the year is marked by special events which attract tourist and are widely visited by city inhabitants. In winter one can learn more about Ukrainian Christmas during the festival “Christmas in the Volyn Family”, Spring in Lutsk is famous for Gaivky (Easter festival), Summer attracts by the art show “Night in the Lubart Castle”, City Day celebration, international festival “Polessia Summer with Folklore” and, of course, the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration, autumn presents a unique and rather extraordinary festival “Salo Festival”.

    Modern Lutsk is a comfortable place which has 211.000 inhabitants. Because of its comparatively small size (42 and good traffic it is very convenient to get to any place of the city in a short time.

    Two parks and banks of the river Styr are the most picturesque views of the city. Railway for kids and a zoo are best children attractions.

    One should come to Lutsk and feel the medieval atmosphere, meet its hospitable people and have fun. Lutsk welcomes you!

    A little bit of the history

    Lutsk is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine. Unique landscapes, favorable geographical location, the ancient buildings of historic downtown, original architecture make Lutsk an outstanding monument of urban development and an attractive tourist center.

    The location in the city the temples of various religious denominations is the main feature of Lutsk. Tourists can see here the Christian, Jewish, Catholic, Lutheran and other shrines of different religious.

    Cholm miraculous Icon XI a unique monument of Byzantine iconography is attractive for pilgrimage tourism. The icon has its own hall in the Volyn museum of icon where even holds worships.

    Lutsk is a city of festivals and events. Here you can see everything from traditional Indians dances to the festival of salo. Read more about Lutsk festivals.

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