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Title: Monuments
Printed on  06.12.2021

Duc de Richelieu Monument

You can find this monument at the top of Potemkin Stairs. It is the first monument erected in Odessa. It is depicting the Duc de Richelieu, a French nobleman who became Odessa's first Russian governor. The Roman-toga figure was designed by the Russian sculptor, Ivan Petrovich Martos (1754-1835). The statue was cast in bronze by Yefimov and unveiled in 1826.

Local people called Duc "Our Duc" and considered him a founder of Odessa, even though the city has already been 8 years old.

Very often you can hear the phrase from locals: "Look at the Duc from the hatch (cover)." It rhymes in Russian and sounds funny. But if you look it looks funny as well ;)

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