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Title: Apartments
Printed on  23.06.2024

A good alternative to a hotel is a short-term apartment renting. Apartments are a very reasonable alternative to the expensive Kyiv Hotels.

Why choose an apartment?

Prices for apartments vary, starting from just $40 (budget, Ukrainian style, not far from the metro stop) and topping out at about $200 (luxury in the center of Kiev fully equipped) The final price will depend on how many rooms you'll need, facilities and location.

Apartments in Ukraine are described by how many "rooms" they have, not "bedrooms". (rooms not counting the kitchen and bath). For example, a one room would be like what you'd probably call a Studio. Decent, clean Ukrainain style units (functional but less modern) are more affordable. "Euro" style units that will make any Westerner feel right at home are, of course, available also.

Kiev Apartments

Kiev Apartments

Kiev Apartments Inc. is a short and long rental accommodation company in Kiev Ukraine, which offers exclusive selection of high quality apartments in the very center of Kyiv.

Address: 1 Gorodetskogo St., office 3
Tel: +380 44 361-83-26 / + 380 68 119-00-75 / + 380 93 685-00-76

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