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Sports Kyiv
Stadium Start

There are not so many good stadiums in Kyiv. The main of them are: Olimpiys'ky, Dynamo, CSKA, Obolon'. There are several smaller stadiums like: Start, Spartak, Obolon, Avangard, Rusanovets', etc. Some of these stadiums are not modern, sometimes they look neglected and old. Lots of them are not used according to their main purpuses anymore. Locals use them like places to spend some time with friends over a bottle of beer bought at the nearest kiosk or small stores. Teenagers go to such stadiums to rollerskate and elder people like to do their morning excersises or jog over there.

Poland and Ukraine were given the right to jointly host the Euro 2012 tournament by a UEFA committee on April 18, 2007. So, thanks to this event, a lot of stadiums in Ukraine, including the main one Olimpiysky Stadium will be rennovated. The Olimpiysky Stadium in Kiev is scheduled to host three group matches, one quarterfinal and the final during summer 2012.

Olimpiysky National Sports Complex

Olimpiys'ky Stadium (also known as Olympic Stadium, Republican (Respublikansky) Stadium or Central Stadium)

Address: 55, Chervonoarmiys'ka (Velyka Vasyl'kivs'ka) Street, Kyiv, Ukraine. It is located on the slopes of the city's central Cherepanov Hill.
Nearest Metro Stops: Respublikans'ky Stadion (blue line)
Tel.: +380 (44) 246 70 30

Capacity: 83,450
Pitch dimensions: 104*72

Club: FC Dynamo Kiev, FC Arsenal

The stadium is the premier sports venue of Ukraine and one of the world's largest. First built in the 1920s, the stadium could originally accommodate 50,000 people. In the late 1960s, a major expansion boosted capacity to 100,000, but between 1997 and 1999, the stadium was again remodeled, according to FIFA regulations, resulting in the present-day capacity of about 85,000.

Valeriy Lobanovs'kyi Stadium (Dynamo Stadium)

Valeriy Lobanovs'kyi Stadium (Dynamo Stadium)
Valeriy Lobanovs'kyi Stadium (Dynamo Stadium)

Address: 3, Hrushevskyy Street, Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine. Nearest Metro Stop: Arsenal'na (red line) or Maidan Nezalezhnosti (blue line) The stadium is situated in a picturesque park located in the center of the city, next to Europeis'ka Square, close to the Dnipro River bank.
Tel.: +380 (44) 536 00 08 / 536 00 03
Fax: +380 (44) 278 41 35

Capacity: 16,873
Pitch dimensions: 100*75
Floodlights: 1,200 lux
Club: FC Dynamo Kiev

It was built in 1934. A reconstruction plan has been approved to increase the number of seats to 30,000, and to add a roof over the stand.

Web-site: Valeriy Lobanovskyy Stadium ( in Ukrainian / Russian / English )

Spartak Stadium

Address: 105, Frunze Street. Nearest Metro Stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line). It is located in the vicinity of the Kirillovskaya church. The stadium was built in 1934, and reconstructed in 1977-1980, when four metal polls (30 meters each) have been built to light up the stadium.
Tel.: +380 (44) 468 10 96

Capacity: 5,000

There are also sectors for a shotput, discus, hammer and javelin throwing, 22 sports halls, a sauna, a closed pool (25 meters) and a hotel for 150 beds.

Start Stadium
Start Stadium

Start Stadium (former Zenit)

Is on sale right now

Address: 28, Marshala Rybalko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Nearest Metro Stop: Lukyanivs'ka (green line).

This stadium is famous for its history. The football game between the Soviet football team "Start" (it included players from "Dynamo" and "Locomotive" clubs) and German team "Flakelf" (which included German pilots and antiaircrafters) was held in Kiev occupied by fascists on a stadium “Zenith” (now “Start”) on the 9th of August, 1942. Football team "Start" won the game, and 4 Ukrainian football players were killed afterwards. Later historians gave this game the name “Match of death”. For a long time it was believed that players were killed by nazis because "Start" won the game. But later, after the long investigation, which lasted a little over 30 years, the investigation commision didn't find any connection between the victory in the match and the death of the Ukrainian football players.

At the entrance of the stadium you could find a sculpture made in honour of "Match of Death".

CSKA Stadium

Address: 10, Povitroflots'ky Prospect, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Nearest Metro Stop: Vokzal'na (red line). The stadium was built in 1964-1965. It is a stadium of the Kyiv territorial military department Sports Club.
Ticket Reservation: +380 (44) 236 89 63

Capacity: 11,000
Total Area: 4.2 hectares

There are also handball, basketball fields, tennis court, and 4 volleyball grounds. A swimming pool (50x25) with 19 lanes and 1500 seats was built in 1955.

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