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Puscha Vodytsya

Tram #12, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tram #12, Kyiv, Ukraine

How to get there: take a tram #12 at Kontraktova Ploscha, Podil.
Nearest metro: Kontractova Ploscha, blue line

It's a nice but long, about one hour, tram ride. This tram will take you straight to the lakes and forests.

Puscha Vodytsya is a picturesque resort area, situated on the northwest outskirts of Kyiv.

Puscha Vodytsya features wonderful environment, a cascade of beautiful and clean lakes and a convenient transport connection with Kyiv.

Gostomel's'ke highway is considered to be the southern border of Puscha Vodytsya, Minske highway is eastern and the road to the village Moschun is in the west. In the north it extends to the village Demidov.

Puscha Vodytsya is almost the most famous summer resort near the capital Kyiv with oak-pine forest, where Kyivan princes loved to hunt in the XI century (in the annals of 1009 -1010 years the hunting of Prince Volodymyr is recalled). In 1724 a state forestry was created. In 1890 the City Council established Puscha Vodytsya village. In 1904 a tuberculosis and later somatic sanatoriums were built.

Pusha Vodytsya got its name from the word "puscha", which means a thick forest and the name of a small river Vodytsya. The area of the resort is about four thousand acres. Puscha Vodytsya forest is predominantly (70%) a pine one. But there are also many birch trees, collels and maples. In the late nineteenth century Kyivan doctors F.G. Yanovsky and G.R. Rubinstein played a significant part in the development of suburban settlements in Pushcha Vodytsa. First sanatoriums have been built on their initiative and dachas (summer houses) have been rented to ill people. In 1893 the dachas settlement with 600 sites appeared in Pushcha Vodytsa. Gradually, the settlement transformed into a resort for patients with lung problems, so a tram was launched in 1904, which connected Puscha Vodytsya with Kyiv. Telephone lines have been laid as well.

  • Puscha Vodytsya, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Puscha Vodytsya2, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Puscha Vodytsya3, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Puscha Vodytsya4, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Puscha Vodytsya5, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Puscha Vodytsya6, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ministerka or Red'kino Lake

How to get there: take marshrutka #172 or bus #99 at Mins'ka metro stop, Obolon. Get off at Mayorova stop. If you have a car, go along Bohatyrs'ka Street. The lake will be on your left side.
Nearest metro: Mins'ka, blue line (Obolon district)

  • Ministerka or Red'kino Lake, Kyiv, Ukraine

Ministerka lake (called by locals) or Red'kino lake is situated nearly outside of Kyiv, on the way to Vyshgorod. It is quite popular during hot summer days. Sandy beaches, trees and water attract locals and guests of the Ukraine capital. Just recently this lake has been considered as one of the cleanest lakes in Kyiv city area. But nowadays, water of the lake seems not so clean, probably because of the private cottages, built just up the hill above the lake. Of course, there is no public WC and piles of garbage could be seen here and there in the bushes. But despite of all, lots of people come here every day to relax and get closer to the nature. :)

Blue Lake near Horenka village

Horenka Blue Lake map
Horenka Blue Lake map

Address: Horenka village, Kyiv region
How to get there: public transport from Kyiv: Take marshrutka #381, #381k or #381c to Bucha from Svyatoshyno metro stop or any marshrutka to Gostomel', Irpin' or Vorzel' from Akademmistechko metro stop or Svyatoshyno metro stop. It is about 20 min ride, get off at Mostysche village stop, before the turn to the bridge over Irpin' river. Turn right and walk approx. 1.5 kilometers along the river valley.
By car from Kyiv: Go E 373 road towards Irpin'. After you reach Gostomel', go a bit further straight and then first turn to the right. There is no "Horenka" sign, but you'll see it a bit later.

Horenka / Gorenka / Blue Lake is quite popular and famous because of its blue water. They say, before is was a clay pit. They've been digging until the water started to fill the pit. So, the lake has appeared.
The only bad thing about the location is that there is a garbage dump just above the lake.
There are free and paid beaches. You'll be able to find several wooden WCs over there.

  • Gorenka blue lake

To enter a territory of the paid beach by car, you'd have to pay 5 UAH. Then you have a choice or to go a bit further and find your own picnic spot or you could use the paid beach. In this case to enter the beach would cost you 20 UAH.
The beach is quite clean and there are several wooden pavilions. You can also rent a chaise longue for 20 UAH per day.

There is a small cafe at the beach.
Coffee with milk: 20 UAH
Beer: 15 - 20 UAH
Ice-cream: 5 - 15 UAH
Shashlyk and other food is available as well.

  • Lake near Gorenka village

Equestrian-sports club Rodeo near Horenka village


Just above the lake and a garbage dump, along Hostomel' highway on the left side, there is an Equestrian-sports club Rodeo-2, where you will be able to ride horses.

Working hours: 10am - 8pm
Tel: 067 736 3079

Horseriding: 100 UAH per hour
Coaching: 50 UAH per lesson

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