Best of Ukraine
Title: What to do
Printed on  29.02.2024

Ukrainians are very friendly and outgoing and Kyiv’s nightlife reflects this attitude. Night life in Kiev (Kyiv) is diverse and the selection of the nightclubs is impressive. You could find nightclubs, pubs, bars and casinos of various styles which stay open throughout the night and offer dance floors, quality restaurants, or other shows, live music, dj performances, disco parties, luxurious casinos and great food with beverages for any taste. Kyiv is a welcoming city and tourists like to come here to relax and party. It has something to suit everybody, from chic-yuppie bars and clubs, large entertainment centres, down to earth Irish pubs, cheap students' disco clubs, exclusive casinos, or local cafes. Centrally located clubs are more expensive and charge more for the entrance, while clubs in the suburbs are cheaper and at the same time modern and popular.

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