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Title: Lyutizh platsdarm
Printed on  28.09.2023

Lyutizh platsdarm

Monument to the liberators of Kyiv, Lyutizh
Monument to the liberators of Kyiv, Lyutizh

Address: Kyiv oblast, Vyshhorodsky district, village Novi Petrivtsi, Vatutina Street. Tel: +38 04496 45123
How to get there from Kyiv: metro stop Geroyiv Dnipra (blue line), then take a bus #792

State Museum-Preserve "The Battle of Kyiv in 1943". It is a historical and cultural complex, which was founded on March, 20th, 1945. The complex includes: the territory of 8 hectars with the saved 650 meters of connection paths, shelters, observation points, samples of the military equipment of the World War II, the Monument-Museum to the liberators of Kyiv, built in 1958, the diorama "Battle of Kyiv, Lyutizh place of arms, 1943", opened in 1980. The displays of the museum show the events of the autumn 1943.

The Battle of Kyiv in 1943
The Battle of Kyiv in 1943

Lyutiz'ky platsdarm is one of the most important places on the right bank of the Dnipro River, near the village Lyutizh 30 km north from Kyiv. At the beginning of November, 1943, the main attack was launched by the tank group for Kyiv liberation from Nazis. This secretly conducted maneuver has determined the success of Kyiv liberation operation.

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