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Kat from WI USA

06-09-10 14:06

Hey Leana! I came online to order something else too, but I come across your website first and ordered a Sweatshirt Hoodie. My daughter is gonna LOVE it. TY for your great variety & selections at your Site... I will be back. Love ya!!!


Joe Franklin from USA

26-05-10 05:20

hello and thank you for arranging and putting up a great site --looks great and easy to navigate and only makes me want to visit your country even more!


Dan Rothery from Canada

19-05-10 00:30

New site is fantastic! It looks great and everything is at your fingertips.
I especially like the Travel Center - lots of quickly available info on any cities I might visit on tour.
Great work Lensa Lensa! :)


Lensa Lensa from Ukraine

13-05-10 15:10

Welcome to our guestbook! Feel free to leave your comments and share your thoughts here! :) Thank you!


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