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Title: Ideas for summer
Printed on  19.05.2019

Kazantip - World's Music Festival

Kazantip Music Festival in Crimea, Ukraine

Date: 31st of July until the 22th of August
Event: Kazantip - World's Music Festival
Location: Popovka Village, Crimea, Ukraine
(30 kilometers (18 miles) from Evpatoria)

KaZantip republic is the name of the biggest, longest, craziest, liveliest and most unusual techno, trance and house music event in Ukraine and probably in the world.

in 2009 150’000 people have been lively dancing, relaxing, enjoyed a good time !
in 2010 kaZantip will be held the 18th time and is therefore known as Z:18

How to get to Kazantip

The easiest way to get to Kazantip (Popovka village) is to fly to Simferopol International airport. From there you'll be able to make your way to KaZantip. There is another option of flying to Kyiv, then on to Simferopol by plane or train or to Evpatoria by train. You'll be able to get to Popovka village either by bus or a car from Simferopol ot Evpatoria.

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